Email Mountain Village iForum copy copyThe Town of Mountain Village is more accessible than ever with the launch of the Mountain Village iForum, a new comprehensive community engagement website, developed by MindMixer, where citizens can engage, communicate and collaborate with town council and staff as well as other citizens about local issues and topics. The goal is to involve the community in the planning process from the get-go and use the iForum as an online tool to generate new ideas from citizens.

“Using this interactive and accessible platform allows us to garner feedback in real-time, feedback that is invaluable to town council and staff when making decisions that shape our community,” said Community Relations Manager Nichole Zangara Riley. “The platform is straight forward and intuitive, which translates to quality engagement without the need to spend a lot of time on the site.”

The Mountain Village iForum allows contributors the opportunity to share new ideas; to review, second and expand upon existing ideas; and to give feedback on topics and initiatives. For its launch, iForum topics include commercial and residential recycling, town council candidates, and the town’s new website.

“It’s easy for active and informed citizens to get in on the conversation. Just enter the virtual town hall at, create a profile and begin to contribute,” Zangara Riley explains. “The iForum is about that initial connection and then allowing the conversation to grow organically. And one way to move the conversation along is with visuals and a healthy dose of competition. So within the platform citizens can submit links, maps, photos and videos to better tell their story or make a point, and each time someone contributes to the conversation they earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards such as lunch with Mayor Dan Jansen.”

To create a Mountain Village iForum profile and begin to participate today, visit Or you can access the site via the town’s website Just look for the gear icon within the Let’s Keep in Touch section found on every page of the site.

For questions or assistance creating an account, contact Zangara Riley at

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