ALACAZEM 2013.02.28

February 28 to March 7, 2013   Visible Planets: Morning: Saturn  Evening: Jupiter 

Now that Mercury has gone retrograde [Feb.23-Mar.17], I can forgive myself for missing my self-imposed Thursday night deadline for posting Alacazem on Telluride Inside and Out, as well as my own website.

mercury1Funny how astrology works. It seems to give us a synchronistic and uncannily resonant justification for events, situations and circumstances around the world – things that appear to have no direct connection or relationship to us personally – as well as those very personal experiences, emotions and events that take place within our individual hearts and homes. Mystical, metaphysical and mysterious: “As above, so below” – Hermes Trismegistus, The Emerald Tablet 

Years ago, a very bright student and budding professional astrologer asked me how I wrote my weekly columns. She was toying with the idea of writing one herself and couldn’t quite figure out where to start. I quickly responded.

Astrologer1   “I simply take one significant astrological event of any given week – the retrograde station of Mercury, a New or full Moon, the entrance of a planet into a new sign or a major planetary aspect – and focus on that as it constellates through the signs. It’s easy.”

“Really?” She looked a little baffled. “That’s it?”


Mercury retrograde is an ancient and time-honored astrological phenomenon, and by no doubt the one made most popular in the hallowed halls of pop-astrology. Many people in the western world – and certainly all of those who check in on Sun-sign astrology now and then – are familiar with the term. One of my best cowboy buddies even bought a little Mercury retrograde calendar card to put in his wallet so he had advance warning of what he had identified as “rather challenging celestial times.”

mercury stamp bluemercury coin3I think of astrology as a combination of Mother Earth’s natural seasonal cycles, cosmic electromagnetism, quantum physics, mythological folklore and ancient metaphysical wisdom. The planet Mercury was identified in antiquity as the god of commerce and communication – including divination – medicine and magic, travelers, tricksters and thieves. He was also the guide of souls to the underworld. When Mercury is retrograde, remember the prefix “re” and use it as often as possible. Relax, review, revision and rethink. Regenerate, recharge, return and repeat. These periods actually favor wrapping up what we’ve started, returning to places and spaces that require a second or third look and – perhaps most importantly – reminding ourselves to slow down and take a look at the magnificently magical world surrounding us.

p.s. Planet Saturn – the serious disciplinarian and Master Teacher of the heavens – is also retrograde [now until early July] – but that’s another story, stay tuned…

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr.19) The station retrograde of Mercury in numinous Pisces kicks in as a few ghosts from the past come back to remind you of where you’ve been and how you arrived at where you are today. Healthy, happy, living and thriving is the place to be. Banish fear via faith in truth, integrity and virtue. Make living amends as you embrace the goodness within. Be here now.

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20) Serious Saturn and mental Mercury retrograde may feel like a period of stasis. You are standing still and moving forward simultaneously. The universe favors focus on existing relationships and the issues you may have avoided or postponed in the past. The time is now. Rekindle, revise and reinvent. Work on what has been started rather than starting anew.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) Mercury retrograde periods are fabulous for the multi-talented, multi-faceted Twins, as they provide these often-restless spirits a chance to rest, relax and catch up on much-needed sleep. Take an inventory of your ambition and the projects you have created in your mind. Determine how many are realistic. Prune the bush and, remember, for fast relief, slow down.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) With so many planets in watery Pisces, you may feel oceans of emotions splashing upon the shores of your body, mind and spirit. Naturally attuned to the rhythm of the seas, the rising tides and fluctuating lunar phases, you are comfortable with feelings. Dive to the depths of psychic impressions and intuition. Relax and surrender. Accept what comes.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22) Is it March that comes in like a lion? Yes. Embrace the raging tides of change that lap upon the shores of waking consciousness and shift the subconscious sands of sleep. Surrender your desire to control the cosmos, let go and let God. Relax rigidity, look within and discover the jewel of inner peace. Seek uplifting spiritual teachings and follow the light.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep.22) The recent full Moon illuminated issues of self and others, sharing and pairing. Now, it’s time to let the luminous waters of experience wash over you, body and soul. Swim in the light of wisdom and honor the truth within. Tap into your own personal reservoir of self-knowledge and do what is right for you. It’s the best thing you can do for the world.

Libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 22) You may feel more reticent and introspective than usual, less social or willing to entertain, showboat or perform. Take a well-deserved break from being “on” and focus on the art of self-nurturing. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio puts focus on the deep inner work necessary to realign your life with your core essential values. Relax, refresh and recharge in spirit.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) Master Teacher Saturn is now retrograde in Scorpio and will remain so until early July. This presents you with a prolonged period of self-review and self-appraisal, when you are actually focused and attentive to the deep inner voices of heart and soul. Relax in the process, trust your intuition and know that the answers lie within. Good luck and God bless.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 20) Pisces, the final sign of the celestial wheel, constellates the last month of winter, when restless spirits rumble to escape the traps of cabin fever. As usual, the Archer loves the journey; exploration and discovery are your middle names. This season, however, you may find yourself taking care of business and attending to responsibility. Work now and play later.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) A feeling of stasis may emerge as ruler Saturn retrograde in Scorpio redefines and redirects the focus of your hopes and dreams. Inspiration is an elusive muse, found in the most unexpected places. When she’s gone, she’s gone for good reason. Cultivate inner peace via acceptance and patience as you nurture your innate creative imagination. Relax.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) With 60% of the planets in water signs, including Saturn and Mercury retrograde, you may feel submerged in a sea of confusion or dysfunction. Why can’t people work efficiently and effectively, take pride in a job well done? You’d think with all our technology things would be better, not worse! Maybe not. Don’t empower negativity; it will only bring you down.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) Water signs rule as oceans of emotion roll across the ethers in the shape of incidents, experience and circumstance. You may find yourself being called upon to make sense of the confusion and disarray found in every crack and crevice of our reigning 3D reality. But politics, economics and religions make no sense. Of course, you know life is a mystery. Do your best.

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