“Let’s be transparent, and we’ll bleed into the unknown,” Thieving Irons

ddr_poster.inddBefore there was the Telluride Foundation’s Venture Accelerator program (to further innovation and entrepreneurship for young business ventures nationwide), there was the Telluride AIDS Benefit. Yes, TAB.

Thanks to TAB, in 2004, Danielle DeRoberts, formerly of San Francisco, met Katy Parnello of Brooklyn, New York, who, for the past three years, has served as co-choreographer. The two jibed and formed Onerary, an edgy and dramatic line of street wear for women and men that fuses Katy’s background in theater with Danielle’s passion for painting.

The name Onerary (pronounced “honor-ary”) was inspired by the Spanish word oneraria, which means “in a dreamlike state.” Danielle and Katy dub themselves “Oneironauts,” explorers of the dream world, where they journey to find inspiration for their wearable art.

And in Danielle’s case, fine art.

A show of Danielle De Roberts paintings goes on display in the Daniel Tucker Gallery at Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts. The opening corresponds to the First Thursday Art Walk, February 7, 5  8 p.m.

The following is a description of the work written by Danielle’s friend Nate Martinez.

“We are never alone, although sometimes we feel lost…

The universe and the reality we create constantly provides tips about what to do throughout our lives. We all have an internal compass, yet we easily dismiss where it is pointing.

Sometimes we hear an internal voice that attempts to guide us through a life-changing event or even the most mundane task. People refer to that voice as a “gut instinct”; others call it intuition.

This collection of paintings by Danielle celebrates her trust in an internal (soul) voice, while honoring ancestral connections to loved ones no longer present in this version of reality. (Existing in this physical reality does not account for everything vital in the infinite universe.)

Loved ones who have passed can and do exist as long as we allow them to. They live in our thoughts, prayers, conversation, and daydreams.

Many of us have experienced an energetic transmission involving someone who has passed. We often dismiss such a connection as a fluke of our imagination or grasping at memories too wild to share with others. The dismissal may be for fear of seeming, well, different. Or the write off occurs because we cannot explain the experiences through science or religion. It is also possible the fear of our own mortality holds us back: connecting means we accept our own inevitable ending this sphere.

Danielle, however, does not run away. Her paintings explore the connection between the physical and non-physical world through loved ones.

These paintings were created by dreaming with intent. Each of us has the ability to connect through dreams the same way we connect with each other.

After all, we are all here to dream together. “

About Danielle DeRoberts:

Originally from New York, Danielle DeRoberts is a painter and fashion designer currently residing in Telluride, CO. Before her recent relocation, Danielle lived in San Francisco, CA, where she painted and designed for her indie clothing label, Onerary.

Danielle’s unique technique of sewing directly into her paintings creates textured pieces that spring to life, transforming the two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional installations. Through her art, Danielle hopes to create a space where the audience feels welcome and comfortable. She hopes her own creative expression will inspire the viewer to connect with their own soul voice.

In addition to her work for Onerary, Danielle now works as a full-time artist at the Stronghouse Studios, Telluride, CO.

Check out the video of DeRoberts’ work:

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