a cat in paris-poster 2Sunday at the Palm presents “A Cat in Paris,” (2010). The free screening takes place Sunday, January 27, at the Michael D. Palm Theatre for the Performing Arts. Running time is 70 minutes.

“Gorgeous!  Like an animated children’s version of an Alfred Hitchcock or Roman Polanski thriller set on the rooftops of Paris!,” Los Angeles Times.

A beautifully hand-drawn adventure from the creators of  “Mia and The Magoo”  and “Raining Cats and Frogs,” “A Cat in Paris” was nominated for Best Animated Feature.

The plot follows Dino the Cat through the Paris night. And Dino is a cat with a double life. By day, he belongs to young Zoe, a girl who has lost her voice after the trauma of losing her father. By night, Dino joins Nico, a very kind cat burglar who weaves his way through the shadowy alleyways and rooftops of Paris. Crazy twists happen when Dino’s two worlds collide.
Zoe decides to follow her pet on his evening escapades and gets caught up in the world of crime. Dino must find a way to save her.

“Wonderful, sophisticated fun,” wrote the San Francisco Chronicle, “Take the kids on an adventure of a lifetime!”

For a preview, watch this trailer.

Sunday at the Palm is presented by The Telluride Film Festival, The Telluride Foundation and Telluride R1 School District.

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