Winter, Telluride Valley Floor

Winter, Telluride Valley Floor

Editors update, 1/29/13: The bulk of the storm that just went through Telluride is past, with smaller accumulations over the next few days. The result of this recent bounty is more terrain open to ride. The ski area cautions watching for rocks, etc. in lighter areas. Watch for Jerry Roberts’ updates on southwest Colorado weather.

Telluride made out OK from the weather Jerry Roberts’ January 23 forecast promised: 17″ new snow and more on the way. And it’s wet enough to make a new base. According to Jerry: “Since Friday (62%) and 3 storms later the San Juans have a higher % of average H20 (79%) than the rest of the basins in Colorado.  This data is based on a running 30 year average.”

First, a caveat. Susan and I haven’t been home since September due to family difficulties. So I haven’t had to break out my rock skis, and with any luck at all I’ll be riding on my new Wagner Customs by the time we get home next month.

According to the Telluride Ski Resort, there is new terrain open, particularly in the Lift 9 and Lift 6 pods, and some of the closer hike-to skiing above Lift 12. With the additional snow on the way, perhaps we’ll have the whole mountain open in the near future. There have been lots of years when we’d have wanted more snow to call it a dump, but in a dry season this is reason to cheer. THINK SNOW!

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