Kimber Ludiker

KimberBIOphotoSmallerKimber Ludiker is a Grand National Fiddle Champion.  Born of fiddle-playing parents–who met competing with each other at a fiddle contest!–this Washington state native excelled from an early age at Texas-style fiddling and went on to win multiple fiddle championships including the Washington State Championship, Colorado State Championship and the aforementioned Grand National Fiddle Championship in Weiser, Idaho. She has performed with Mark O’Connor, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Hanneke Cassel, and her brother Dennis, a well-known fiddle/mandolin player from Austin, TX. As a founding member of the all-“girl” group Della Mae, she is widely regarded as a pillar of the new-generation fiddle scene. She brings a good-hearted spirit and a great work ethic to the group, and we’re delighted to have her with us as much as her busy schedule permits.

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