High Camp Warming Hut


High Camp Warming Hut

High Camp Warming Hut

Three weeks into our eco-friendly competition and we have upped the number of participants to 36. The race is on!

Daily, participants in this new EcoAction Partners initiative are making a difference in their lives and the environment by completing some of the 20 “Dares” listed on the EcoAction website. Participants log their action by taking pictures or videos and then uploading the results of their efforts to our website. They also e-mail, or post on our Facebook group page or to Instagram (#truthordare).

Not signed up? No worries. Sign-ups are still open. Fact is we have extended the Truth or Dare Campaign until Monday, March 11. Participants have until then to complete as many Dares as possible, as many times as possible.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the top 10 point counts. We will also award five prizes for photographic and environmental creativity. But, you can only win if you play. Put your compassion for the earth and your creativity to good use and you might win our Grand Prize: a free week-day night at the High Camp Hut.

Built by the Farny family and friends, the High Camp Hut is a cabin in the back country of the San Juan Mountains, near Telluride, CO. The cabin sits on the edge of a high alpine meadow with views of Sheep Mountain and San Miguel Peak, and distant views of Wilson, Mt. Wilson, El Diente and Lizard Head Peak. High Camp is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Colorado. Which means in the world.

Congratulations to Summer Colt, the first person to reach 10 points through her sustainable actions. She won herself two Red Ball tickets.The first person to reach 15 points will win a $20 gift card to Picaya and be on his way to a night in cozy comfort.

Our list of prizes included the following:

60 min massage with Melissa Freidman
Yoga Punch Card (4), Telluride Yoga Center
$20 Picaya Gift Card
$50 off energy audit with Lotus Energy Solutions
Gift Card to Telluride Toggery
$50 off a class & book at Ah Haa School for the Arts
Salomon Helmet
Gift Card from the Wine Mine
Gift Card from Hongas Lotus Petal
Recycled Climbing Rope Bag by Kathy Green
$100 of LED light bulbs from Enlighten
Two nights at New Sheridan

Are you in or do we have to triple dog dare you?

To see what others have done, watch my repeating slide show (Yes, no mistake, the images do repeat.)

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