TDpdf copyJanuary 1, 2013, EcoAction Partners welcomed in the New Year with our Truth or Dare campaign. With 30 participants to date, the heat is on.

In this month-long competition anyone who plays has the opportunity to take-on a series of 20 “Dares” requesting lifestyle changes that will positively affect the environment. The task is simple, complete the most dares throughout the month and win prizes.

Environmental impact begins with individual decisions. You in, or do we have to triple dog dare you?



Just visit the EcoAction Partners website and filling out the sign-up form provided. Then, follow the link to the Truth or Dare Facebook group page to join.

Action and Tracking:

Browse the list of dares provided on the EcoAction Partners website and Facebook page and decide which ones you are going to start with. As you integrate these ideas into your lifestyle, document your action using appropriate photography or video.

Upload your photographs and video to our website by e-mailing, our Facebook group page, or to Instagram (#truthordare).

How much is each Dare worth?

Every time you accomplish a dare, and post photographic evidence of your actions, you are awarded the appropriate number of points. Half points will be awarded for dares accomplished and documented simply with a comment, no picture or video.

We will also award 1 miscellaneous point for each posted environmentally friendly action that is not directly related to a dare.

What do I win?

Keep your eyes open for the weekly tally, posted to the website and Facebook group, to see where you stand in the competition.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the top 10 point counts. We will also award five prizes for photographic and environmental creativity, so have some fun with it!

Prize List

•    60 min massage with Melissa Freidman
•    Yoga Punch Card (4), Telluride Yoga Center
•    Picaya Gift Card
•    $50 off energy audit with Lotus Energy Solutions
•    Gift Card to Telluride Toggery
•    $50 off a class & book at Ah Haa School for the Arts
•    Salomon Helmet
•    Gift Card from the Wine Mine
•    Gift Card from Hongas Lotus Petal
•    Recycled Climbing Rope Bag by Kathy Green
•    $100 of LED light bulbs from Enlighten
•    2 nights at New Sheridan

More to come!

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