diavolo_eventIt’s all about the remix.

Diavolo Dance Company  reinvents dance, re-imagining the medium as high drama, its team of dancers, gymnasts and actors pushing movement to the extreme. Performing with astounding athleticism, the company appears to defy gravity.

Diavolo performs at the Palm Theatre Sunday, January 20, 7 p.m., part of the “Live at the Palm” series. The program includes “Fearful Symmetries” and “Transit Space,” a new piece inspired by the movement of skateboarding.

Founded in 1992 in Los Angeles by Jacques Heim, Diavolo Dance Theater uses everyday items – doors, chairs, and stairways – to create abstract narratives on oversized surrealistic sets and quotidian structures. Their pieces read as comments on the human condition: the challenges of relationships, the absurdities of life, (which include relationships), and the struggles to maintain our humanity.

“[Diavolo] makes precisely coordinated feats look improvisational, even reckless…..To say Diavolo is exciting is redundant,” raved the Los Angeles Times.

Just how good, how innovative is Diavolo? In 2007, the City of Los Angeles officially recognized the acrobatic dance company was as a cultural treasure.

The 2012-13 season marks Diavolo’s 14th U.S. tour. Diavolo also performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, the company created unique performance events for corporate clients such as Wells Fargo, Honda,  and General Motors.

This year’s performance at the Palm is an encore. Diavolo danced in Telluride in 2008.

“The team wowed the audience doing its memorable “Trajectoire” piece, which involved flying from a gigantic ship-like structure 20 feet off the stage into the grasp of fellow dancers. It was truly incredible. We are thrilled to bring Diavolo back to the Palm to engage and amaze new audiences with its physical prowess and playful disregard of gravity,” said Heather Rommel, executive director, the Palm.

Tickets for the performance are reserved seating only. Advance ticket prices are $28 for students and children and $36 for adults. Ticket prices will increase by $5 at the door.

For more information visit www.telluridepalm.com.

For a preview, watch this video.

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