Tyler Jansen


Tyler Jansen

Tyler Jansen

Editor’s note: No matter when it happens – its regular schedule on the first Thursday of the month or this coming Saturday as a welcomed add-on to tinsel time in Telluride – Art Walk is a no-miss happening, a chance to meet and greet friends and guests  as venues all over town get to show and crow about the wide-ranging creative talent in the region. Which as it turns out, includes artists of all ages.

A special shout out is in order for Tyler Jansen, a student from the Telluride middle schools who, according to Christine Reich of Lustre Gallery, has “taken the concept of service learning to heart and use his talent for drawing to help his fellow students.” When you stop by Lustre, 171 South Pine, check out Tyler’s work: 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of his miniature watercolors of Telluride will be used by the Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club to obtain ski passes for children who could not otherwise afford them.

Join venues throughout the Telluride Creative District for a special Holiday Art Walk, Saturday, December 15. Select spaces will open their doors from 5 – 8 p.m. for exhibit openings and artist receptions. For what’s happening where, read on.


The show is a  double header featuring two of Arroyo’s best and most popular artists – Pedro Surroca “Fade to Black”, and Linda Leslie “Intimate Details.” For more details, go here.

Plant, Sing, Laugh, by Amy Schilling

Plant, Sing, Laugh, by Amy Schilling

Baked in Telluride

B.I.T. welcomes Ah Haa art students to its dining room gallery. Join them for dinner and a glass of wine and admire the creativity on display.
Eco Spaces

Acrylic abstract landscapes of the desert, mountains, and ocean by co-owner Daniel Kanow.

Gallery 81435

Gallery 81435 reopens for the winter season with a show displaying luminosity and texture. The exhibit features the encaustic works of two artists from the region: Amy Schilling and Diana Woods, who both use gold and silver leaf. Amy Schilling draws her inspiration from petroglyphs she has found all over the world. Woven subliminally throughout the textural works, are poems by the likes of Rumi and Hafiz, etched into the top layers of the hardened beeswax.

Golderrez Fine Art & Jewelry Gallery

On the east side of Telluride’s commercial district, Golderrez Fine Art & Jewelry Gallery specializes in contemporary art in all media, with a special emphasis on contemporary master giclees and originals. The gallery represents a diverse stable of artists, including the modern figurative expressionist Todd White, the widely lauded contemporary sculptor M.L. Snowdon and the whimsical American icon Dr. Seuss.

Judy Haas Studio

Exhibiting the mixed media work of the artist in her studio.

Lustre Gallery

Town of Telluride, Tyler Jansen

Town of Telluride, Tyler Jansen

Special artist’s reception for Tyler Jenson, a young local boy who is selling his original, small format watercolors to raise money for ski passes for local youth.


Have you found your silver lining?

Gurhan, Bangles

Gurhan, Silver Lining bangles

“Three tones of metal combine in perfect harmony in Gurhan’s new jewelry line, which translates his iconic best-selling designs from pure gold into a combination of pure silver and gold,” said Fiona Tilley, president of Gurhan.

And she should know. Fiona’s business leadership and her husband Gurhan Orhan’s creative aesthetic have pioneered a fresh collection of light and dark silver, pure gold, gems and pearls into the sophisticated Silver Linings collection.

Silver Linings has just arrived at Lustre Gallery and is not to be missed.

Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

Adrienne Lent, Work Is Play, Play is Work

Adrienne Lent, Work Is Play, Play is Work

The newly renovated Stronghouse Gallery opens with an energetic exhibit, “Ekphrasis” featuring three lovely local lady artists: Figurative sculptures by Adrienne Lent, jewelry by Jennifer Dewey, and ekphratic poetry by Kierstin Bridger.

Ekphrasis: Generally considered to be a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form, and in doing so, relate more directly to the audience, through its illuminative liveliness.

Steaming Bean

Malarie Reising, Mountains

Malarie Reising, Mountains

Photographer Malarie Reising comes to Telluride by way of Asheville, North Carolina and is a recent graduate of East Carolina University’s School of Art and Design.

Kaleidoscape is an exhibition that explores and interprets landscape photography through the analog processes. Images appear dreamy and nostalgic because of the use of toy cameras and multiple exposures on expired film. Overlapping images challenge the viewer to observe a skewed landscape as if looking through a kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscape will be on display at the Beab throughout the month of December. Framed prints and one-of-a-kind instant images will be available for sale and by request.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

Image for signed Rizzi poster

Image for signed Rizzi poster

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art will be featuring the art of James Rizzi (1950-2011), famous for his 3D artwork. There will be a drawing, with purchase, for a freshly framed and signed poster by the renowned artist whom the gallery has represented for many years.

“We are fortunate to have other works by Rizzi for sale,” says Director Baerbel Hacke. “And remember, we start at $20 with our recycled plastic bracelets by German artist Sabine Finnern. Perfect stocking stuffers.”

Also at the gallery, oil paintings by Gordon Brown, Malcolm Liepke, and Julee Hutchison and featuring new studio jewelers Todd Pownell and Peg Fetter.

Ten percent off selected original paintings and photographs. $110 for selected framed posters.

Wine tasting provided by The Wine Mine.
Wilkinson Public Library

Telluride Arts and the Wilkinson Public Library collaborate to showcase regional artists work on the walls of the library.  There are five main exhibit spaces  that host revolving exhibits that change monthly.

Exhibits can be found in the following spaces this month:

1.) Corinne Scheman, Paintings above the music area behind the desk on the main floor;

2.) Youth Art Projects in the youth room;

3.) Patti Childers, Paintings in the stairwell;

4.) Daniel Kanow, Paintings on the exterior walls surrounding the stacks on the second floor, and

5.) Joe Skalsky, Photographs in the Palmyra Room.

The artwork is for sale through Telluride Arts.

For more information about the Telluride Art Walk and other grassroots artistic events, contact Telluride Arts, Telluride’s community arts organization: 970 728 3930,, and at our offices at the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery, 283 South Fir Street.

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