Alison Gannett, famed free skier & environmental activist


Alison Gannett, famed free skier & environmental activist

Alison Gannett, famed free skier & environmental activist

Climate change – are we paying attention yet? It does seem that the “general public” may be thinking a bit more about climate change and what it means to each of us as individuals – and to our country, even our planet as a whole. Unfortunately our human psyches respond to crisis – and though many of us have been speaking, exhorting, educating and demonstrating for years about the inherent danger of a climate out of control – as if control was ever an option – it is taking a series of crises to wake folks up.

EcoAction Partners is extremely excited to be partnering with The Nature Conservancy and Jagged Edge to bring Alison Gannett to town. Alison is scheduled to speak on Thursday evening, December 13, at the Sheridan Opera House, prior to our screening of the Sherpa Cinema film, “All.I.Can.”

Alison, a World Champion extreme freeskier turned climate activist, non-profit organizer and sustainable farmer, plans to talk about the effects of climate change, dust on snow in our community, and how we can help slow things down.

Alison spent the majority of her life working on solutions to climate change. With a B.S. in environmental science and botany, she studied alternative energy and energy efficient building design and opened her first business dedicated to climate change in 1991. She founded and runs four non-profits dedicated to global cooling. In addition to talking the talk, she walks the walk: Alison designed and built the first straw bale home in a National Historic District in 1997, and converted the world’s first solar-powered plug-in SUV. She uses her fame as a world champion extreme skier to bring attention to her research on glacial recession around the world.

The Nature Conservancy’s Mallory Dimmitt notes:

“Dust on snow is a growing concern that links ecological health issues of the Colorado Plateau to the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River Basin. We work in all of these landscapes, and along with our partners, are trying to understand how a changing southwestern climate affects conservation of this multi-state region. The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado Plateau Initiative is thrilled to help sponsor this event to bring Alison Gannett and the film All.I.Can to Telluride, which will hopefully pair this community’s love of the outdoors and outdoor recreation with firsthand knowledge of what individuals can do to lessen their impact on our planet.”

Erik Dalton of the Jagged Edge adds:

“We rely on our snowpack for recreation, agriculture and so much more. The mission of Alison’s non-profit, the Save Our Snow Foundation, is to provide education on cost-effective, meaningful and measurable choices we can make to save our snow and water for future generations. That is a mission we all need to take part in fulfilling.”

We know the significant dangers of climate change and we know that wallowing in gloom and doom does little to motivate us to action. Our event is meant to fire us up and give us tools to address the challenges of global climate change.

Riled up to a froth, we will explore the movement of one group of filmmakers and skiers as they follow sick lines and climate change around the globe. The time has come for a ski film that stands for something. Sherpas Cinema’s film “All.I.Can.” does just that, by comparing the challenges of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change.

“All.I.Can.” strives to unite global mountain cultures as the leaders of a revolution.

Divided into three areas of focus, the film takes us on a confronting, magical and inspiring path,  emphasizing ‘ALL’ that has impacted our world in a natural and anthropogenic sense, what ‘I’ndividuals in mountain cultures have recognized to be issues and what changes we ‘CAN’ strive to implement globally and make in our everyday lives.

Featuring ground-breaking skiing from Chile to Greenland, mind-blowing scenery, and an environmental engagement that makes issues accessible to viewers of every stripe, “All.I.Can.” leaves you with an inspiring new perspective and appreciation for what we have – and what we stand to lose.

We believe Alison’s passion and the exciting way the movie puts across its message should help catalyze more actions in our community. From signing up for the EcoAction Initiative to participating in the upcoming Truth or Dare Challenge to changing behavior, there are specific steps you will learn more about each of us can take to be part of the solution.

Following the film, we will talk about the issues and appropriate actions for the extended Telluride community.

Come join EcoAction Partners, The Nature Conservancy, and Jagged Edge Thursday, December 13, 7:00 p.m., for an evening of sick powder shots, intelligent conversation, and delightful drinks from the Telluride Brewing Company.

Tickets are $10 at the door, with pre-sale beginning December 5 at Jagged Edge. (Ticket price includes your complementary beer.) In efforts to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum, please bring your own cup for drinks from the Opera House bar.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to my interview with Alison:

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