What’s happening with recycling and wastes in our region? Does recycling even make sense in our remote rural region? Should you be buying beer in cans instead of glass bottles?

For answers and a discussion of recycling and waste in our region come to the December EcoAction Partners Roundtable this Friday, December 14, 8:30 a.m., in the Program Room at the Wilkinson Public Library.

In Spring, EcoAction Partners assembled a group from the community comprised of concerned citizens, government representatives, private businesses and EcoAP staff and board members.The role of this Zero Waste Task Force was to review the 2008 Zero Waste Action, update the plan to fit our current social and economic environment, and provide a report including specific recommendations.

The group chose to focus on seven actionable items it believed would help move our community closer to the Zero Waste goals and objectives set by our governments and requested by locals: A Common Tracking System, Glass, Construction Waste, Composting Organic Materials, Paper, To-go Containers, and Education.

At last week’s Intergovernmental Meeting, Walter Wright, EcoAction’s Zero Waste Coordinator, presented findings and recommendations to government officials and staff.

Now it’s your turn!

Come learn of the current state of recycling and trash in the Telluride region – and more importantly what’s being recommended to meet the challenges we continue to face: Why hasn’t curbside composting been implemented yet? Why does the SMARTS Park need additional funds to operate? How does recycling and reducing waste affect climate change and greenhouse gases?

You’ll be able to answer these questions and more after Friday’s Roundtable!

Don’t miss an opportunity to do some dumpster diving into this deep and nuanced topic. You’ll be able to amaze your friends with recycling facts and figures – and become a knowledgeable proponent for needed changes to our system of handling waste.
Light refreshments provided. Please RSVP for this FREE EVENT via Facebook, email or phone by 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 12.  (We want to be sure to have enough food.)

A $5-10 donation is suggested to cover the cost of breakfast. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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