Event planned to attract new would-be actors and volunteers

The Bard said it first,”…the play’s the thing.” (“Hamlet,” Act 2, scene 2). But when the subject is Telluride’s own Telluride Theatre, the emphasis is on “play,” the verb.

You know what I mean if you happened to catch the company’s August production, “Wake Up! ((From Ample Generosity of Glorious Leader #1, Valdimir “The Thunderer” Bóogravîboat).” By the company’s own admission, “Wake Up” showcased “hilariously bad acting, some atrocious singing, some very inept dancing, and definitely lots of tears.”

Want to join in the fun and games?

Here’s your chance.

This week, Telluride Theatre — the organization that came about when Telluride Repertory Theatre and SquidShow Theatre merged last November — announces an event to celebrate its first year as a unified artistic force, and welcome new interested volunteers and actors into the fold. 

Wednesday, November 7, 6 p.m., at the Steaming Bean, Telluride Theatre hosts “Telluride Theatre Get Together!” The gathering is open to anyone – performers, musicians, singers, dancers, designers, volunteers and artists – who have been or would like to become involved with the company.

“If you are not sure what your talent is, come and find out! We’re looking for anyone with a dream or secret passion. Even if have never been onstage before,” said Sasha Sullivan, artistic director.

At the Wednesday gathering, Telluride Theatre plans to announce its 2013 schedule, as well as specific shows and auditions dates for the winter play and musical.

“I am asked constantly how people can get involved in theatre. We thought it would be great to get everyone together before the start of our season,” said Sullivan, who adds: “As Telluride Theatre grows as a company we want as many people as possible involved.”

The event also aims to trigger new ideas from community brainstorming.

“We want to know what Telluride is hungry for, which productions locals would love to see, new topics everyone wants us to tackle, favorite musicals,” said Sullivan.“Telluride Theatre is your theatre and can only thrive with community input, energy, and support.

Wake up and get involved.

Play is the thing.

About Telluride Theatre:

Telluride Theatre is dedicated to creating a thriving theatrical presence in the Telluride region by producing original company-driven professional work, culturally relevant community theater, and year-round education programs.

For more information regarding Telluride Theatre or the upcoming event, visit

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