Telluride Film Festival’s Sunday at the Palm Presents takes place Sunday, November 25, 4 p.m., Michael D. Palm Theatre for the Performing Arts

What better way to relax on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the first weekend of skiing than to sit down with your family and enjoy free films at the Palm Theatre?

A special collection of shorts was curated by the renowned San Francisco Film Society, who has graciously agreed to let the Telluride Film Festival host a special screening for Telluride cinephiles of all ages for this month’s Sunday at the Palm Presents.

Ten filmmakers from around the world have also given special permission for this screening of their delightful film including:

• “Storyteller” by Nandita Jain (England), about a young girl who helps heal her grandfather through love and storytelling;

• “Keenan at Sea,” by David Cowles and Jeremy Galante (USA), which playfully animates a nautical song by “The Girls”;

• “Play Lunch” by Cassandra Nguyen (Australia) about a young girl who shares her lunch, finds courage and makes a new friend;

• “Little Boat,” by Nelson Boles (USA) about a boat that sails through hardship and healing;

• “Panyee FC” from The Glue Society (Thailand), a documentary about the real life Panyee Football Club who overcame huge obstacles to achieve success;

• “The Boy in the Bubble” by Kealan O’Rourke (Ireland), which explores the trials and tribulations of young love;

• “The Vacuum Kid” by Kati Mahalic (USA), a documentary about how even the most unlikely appliance can become a source of passion;

• “Paper Piano” by Marianela Maldonado (Poland) about finding courage and beauty through music;

• “The Girl and The Fox” by Tyler Kupferer (USA) reveals the fact that things are not always what they seem;

• “Orange ô Despair” by John Banana (France), an hilarious exploration of what happens when we try to be something that we’re not.

Sunday at the Palm Presents is appropriate for all ages and free to all. The running time is 66 minutes.

For a preview, check out the following video:

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