It’s a concert for you, but a birthday party for Stu Sundel-Norlin of Joint Point, when the Sheridan Arts Foundation kicks off its winter season with the local jam band. The party takes place Friday, November 23, 8 p.m.

Formed in 2009 and named after a ski run, Joint Point is a quartet with a grab-bag sound that includes rock, country, bluegrass, and reggae, all of which is known to morph in a heartbeat into an improvisational adventure in sound that includes covers from the repertoire of iconic jam bands such as String Cheese, Dead, Phish, and Panic.  Local music fans have seen the group share the stage with other Colorado favorites: Billy Nershi, Drew Emmitt, Michael Kang, and the Motet.

Joint Point is homegrown: Stu, electric guitar and vocals; Ren Turkile, drums; new addition, Tom Mann, bass; and Jeff Haldeman, guitar. (And Jeff will play the Opera House again later in the season.)

“We don’t get to play in town as much as we used to and this show is Stu’s 30th birthday, so we are prepared to pull out all the stops and make this a memorable night,” said Jeff.

The band has invited special guests to join in the celebration.

For a preview of the group, watch the following video:

Tickets are $$15 general admission and can be purchased online at or directly from Jeff.

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