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telluride horror showTelluride has long been a hub for cinema, with world renowned film festivals like Telluride Film Festival and Mountainfilm in Telluride, but  the newest film festival—Telluride Horror Show—is starting to steal the show. Telluride Horror Show celebrates the scary movie genre and is in its third year of screening films that run the gamut from dark comedy and classic horror to eerie sci fi and hard-core gore. The festival also features high quality films that were selected for Sundance or premiered on the national festival circuit, Oscar-nominated animated films (such as last year’s “Coraline”) along with some cult favorites and an elite guest list of obscure, wildly talented actors, directors and filmmakers .

In case you’re new to this festival, don’t be afraid. Director Ted Wilson has a few suggestions for the best way to see some great films and have a fun weekend.

DO buy the “5 for 4” discount tickets. Or better yet, invest in a 3-day pass. Says Ted: “If you just want to catch a few movies over the weekend, you can pay ten bucks at the door.  But if you and a few friends want to catch some movies, the ‘5 for 4’ is the way to go.  You get five movie tickets for the price of four, and these movie tickets can be used by one person, or five people, and so on.  Screaming deal.”

DON’T miss the annual pig roast on Friday from 5-7 p.m. at the Sheridan Opera House. Even if you don’t like to dine on swine, the pig roast is a fun opportunity to mingle with the filmmakers and special guests. “Plus there’s a cash bar and alcohol is usually recommended by doctors when watching horror movies,” says Ted.

DO drink beer or other adult beverages at the Schlocktoberfest screening. This year’s selection is “Grabbers,” a film about bloodsucking aliens where the only defense against them is having alcohol in your system. Ted:  “Last year, during the screening of ‘Tucker & Dale v. Evil at the Opera House, it was a pretty rowdy crowd.  We’ve decided to just embrace that crowd and give them a movie that involves some partying.  Typical Telluride!”

DO wear a costume to the closing film “American Scream.” This is a critically acclaimed, brand-new film about three families turning their homes into haunted houses to celebrate Halloween, and an audience of people in costumes will make it all the more fun to watch. Ted:  “I was lucky enough to catch the world premiere of THE AMERICAN SCREAM in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago.  I laughed, I cried, and instantly fell in love with this documentary.  Seriously the best documentary on Halloween yet.  I know all of our attendees will instantly identify with the subjects of the film.  And since the film is a true celebration of the Halloween spirit, it demands that we all wear our favorite Halloween costumes to the screening.  And after the film, we’ll have ourselves a little Halloween party right there in the Sheridan Opera House, to close out the festival.”

DON’T miss the third annual Telluride Horror Show, a unique cinematic event named one of the “20 Coolest Film Festivals” by Moviemaker Magazine. Ted:  “It beats sitting at home!”


Here’s a light moment from last year’s festival, where Barry Bostwick, who makes a scene-stealing performance in the dark horror/comedy “Some Guy Who Kills People,” answers a fan’s question. Barry, best known for his work in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Spin City,” has a laundry list of talents and awards. Barry spends lot of time making pottery and being one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

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