Three cheers for Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Three cheers for Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Editor’s note: This is no trick. Definitely a treat. Happy Halloween and on your mark.

Discount 4-day passes to the 40th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival (June 20- June 23, 2013) for San Miguel County residents go onsale from November 1- November 30 at Telluride Music Company. During this special pre-sale San Miguel County residents may purchase up to two 4-day passes at the discounted price of $180 each.

In previous years, discount locals tickets had been sold after tickets went onsale to the general public. But last year’s historic early sell-out (in just 18 days) left many locals without access to Festival tickets. Planet Bluegrass is addressing this problem in two ways:

* Planet Bluegrass will be offering 3-times the number of locals discount tickets (2,500 this year, compared with 850 last year);

* These tickets will be available in a special pre-sale during the month of November, prior to tickets being made available to the general public on December 5.

These special discounted locals tickets will be sold in-person only, exclusively at Telluride Music Company (201 East Colorado Ave.). Cash or local checks only.

Telluride Music is open Tues-Fri (11am-6pm), Saturday (11am-5pm), and closed on Sunday & Monday.

For store details: 970.728.9592 or http://telluridemusic.com.

Residents of San Miguel County must present a proof of residency (local ID, utility bill) at time of purchase. Each San Miguel County resident may purchase one 4-day pass for him/herself, as well as a second 4-day pass for a guest (who need not be a San Miguel County resident).

These pre-sale 4-day passes will be sold at the discounted price of $180 (which includes a $15 discount from the advance price of $195). The price of 4-day passes has not increased for 2013.  Please note: Telluride Music charges a $2.50 service fee per ticket.

If the allotted 2,500 4-day passes are not sold during the pre-sale they will be sold to the general public (at the regular price) beginning on December 5.

4-day passes are fully refundable if returned to Planet Bluegrass by Friday, March 22, 2013.

No single-day tickets will be sold during this pre-sale.

Planet Bluegrass can’t predict the pace of ticket sales for the 40th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, but history has shown that anniversary years typically generate a larger-than-normal initial ticket demand.

Festival info: http://telluridebluegrass.com

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