There’s an exciting workshop happening this weekend in Telluride. John Bruna, aka monk Chophel, will teach about mindfulness. As the Daily Om claims (which you can subscribe to for your morning e-infusion of wisdom), “Mindfulness is a learned skill that offers profound benefits in all situations”.

John Bruna will lead a workshop in Telluride this weekend.

For those who have not met John, let me give you a few tidbits from his colorful biography. Coming from a large group of children raised by a single mom, John experimented briefly with drugs and alcohol, but took the first steps on his life-long spiritual path in his early twenties. He worked as a car mechanic, drug counselor and high school teacher. He took up studies of Buddhism and decided to become a Buddhist monk after attending teachings by HH the Dalai Lama in 2005.

In 2009, he came to Telluride/Ophir for the first time, with a group of traveling monks from the Gaden Shartse Monastery; they returned in 2010 and 2011, filling the valley with their chanting and the call of their long horns; holding ceremonies and rituals; creating a beautiful sand mandala – only to sweep it up and release it into the San Miguel.

John was their translator. Not just from Tibetan to English, but from the complex Buddhist terminology to plain, everyday language.

Last May he introduced us to “Buddhism in plain English;” in July/August he traveled to Thailand to attend a 4-week mindfulness retreat with Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman; we are now incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome him back here where he will pass on old and new insights, in his usual light-hearted, easy-to-understand manner. Humor and laughter are always close by. No experience or prior studies are necessary, but do bring your own cushion and blanket if you prefer not to sit on a chair.

When and Where:
Friday, Oct 12, 7 pm: “Cultivating Genuine Happiness,” an introductory talk.
Saturday, Oct 13, 9am – 12pm; 3pm – 6pm and Sunday 3pm – 6pm, “Meaningful Mindfulness,” a workshop with time for questions and answers as well as short meditation sessions.
All at the community room, 231 E Pacific Ave, all by donation.

For more info on John and his Colorado teaching schedule, please visit his website
For more on the key to happiness, check out this podcast with John Bruna.

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