Craig Childs’s reading at the Wilkinson Library this Friday at 8PM is one event not to be missed this weekend. The author of more than a dozen critically acclaimed books on nature, science, and adventure, Childs’s work has a way of elevating and astounding his listeners.

His new book, Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guild to the End of the World, addresses the questions that many of us ask. What is the fate of the planet? Are the climate extremes we’re experiencing simply global warming or are they an outgrowth of the earth’s dynamic character? Childs traveled from the deserts of Chile, the driest in the world, to the genetic wasteland of central Iowa in his attempts to answer these questions. His writing is at once sensual and scientific. Childs tucks a scientist’s lecture into a bedtime story.

Indeed when my husband, Andy, leads Telluride Mountain School groups down into Utah’s canyons, he assigns them Childs’ essays. “Kids love Childs’ stories because they’re captivating,” Andy says, “but they don’t realize quite how much knowledge they walk away with.”

That Childs has found this unique ability to be informative and entertaining comes as no surprise. Childs has always valued individuality. He lives off the grid with his wife and two sons in the West Elks in Western Colorado. And he describes his unique life and voice simply as, “Roads diverge in the woods and I start climbing trees.”

To learn more about Craig Childs and his writing process, listen to this podcast:

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