To make his point, Victor Garlock, Ph.D. and author, tells a whale of a tale in a metaphor drawn from the Polynesian culture: “Standing on a whale fishing for minnows.”

Minnows, he explains, are life’s noises, the distractions our mind and senses glom onto everyday that influence our mood and shape all too many of our decisions. The whale represents an alternative focus, our deep unconscious mind and life’s mysteries: “Where we truly live and where we need to look if we want answers to our deepest questions.”

Dr. Garlock’s work is all about freeing up “our deep inner life-giving energy so that it can enrich and enliven our experience of being alive. In the process, we will expand our understanding of ourselves and the people around us.”

Wednesday, September 26, 6 p.m., the Wilkinson Public Library, Garlock leads a workshop based on his latest book, “Sleep, Dream Interpretation and Self-Hypnosis,” tools that enable us to find and empower  our inner “genius.” The workshop focuses on the power of the inner mind to greatly expand our understanding of ourselves and the people around us. Entering the worlds of hypnosis, sleep and dreams, we learn how much of our mental power remains unused and locked inside.

At the workshop, Garlock plans to talk about effective ways of working with dreams and show ways to practice self-hypnosis to improve dream recall. There may even be time for dream sharing.

A book signing and coffee talks at Between the Covers on Thursday, September 27, 8 a.m. provide another opportunity for engagement.

Garlock has taught psychology and education courses at a community college, a liberal arts college, a private vocational institute, and a maximum security prison. Among many other college-level courses, he has taught classes on sleep, dreams, hypnosis and meditation. As a psychotherapist  for over 30 years, Garlock has used hypnotherapy and dream interpretation in his practice. As a consulting hypnotist, Garlock has worked with professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, sports and law enforcement.

To learn more about this unique opportunity for self discovery, click the “play” button and listen to my interview with Dr. Garlock.

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