I’ve read that in a healthy marriage you’re not supposed to keep “score”. So I don’t. But, every now and then, I’m prone to take a little “inventory”. And after “reflecting” upon the summer, it came to my attention that my husband, Jake, got a few weekends without the kids and me to do whatever he wanted. I got less than one.

Upon bringing this up for discussion, he broached the matter rationally and asked, “Do you want to go away by yourself for the weekend?” I didn’t. I wanted to stay in Telluride —  by myself for the weekend.

I see people vacationing in Telluride every day, and they all look like they’re having the time of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Telluride, but living in Telluride and vacationing in Telluride are two different things. I wanted my cake and to eat it too.

Jake acquiesced, loaded the car and headed, with the kids, to Denver. I had three days to myself in a place that I’ve read about, and written about, as being a great vacation destination. I made a latte and began texting. Within an hour I was on a three-hour mountain bike ride and in no hurry to get home.

When I did return home, the first order of business was to clean the house. I had to set the tone. I’m sure during the weekends my husband was home alone, this was not his first priority. But, just as he had most likely relished in not having to do the dishes, I relished in having a clean house for more than an hour. It was actually possible that it could stay clean all three days.

I made a salad, poured a glass of wine, put on Norah Jones and sat in our big leather chair. Beside me sat a stack of magazines that I had been saving for the past few months — just waiting for the opportunity to read them. The first article was in the May issue of Time and was entitled “Are You Mom Enough?” The article examined “attachment parenting” and the role Dr. Sears has played in the recent popularity of this particular parenting style. Turns out, sending your kids and husband away for the weekend is not a tenet of attachment parenting.

I flipped the television on to the Olympics.

After watching Michael Phelps win his 21st Olympic medal (and lots of shots of his mom) I walked upstairs and passed the kids’ room. I had an urge to walk in and give my two girls a goodnight kiss, but they weren’t there. Funny, how I missed them when they were supposed to be asleep.

The next day started with a road ride to Rico followed by an afternoon at the Peaks. I sat on a chaise lounge chair, which I only knew existed because I had often seen them, and people relaxing on them, in my peripheral vision as I chased my two kids from kiddy pool to indoor pool to the slide. I would sit there, in the sun, and write my column  — on time. Well, at least not as late as usual. Heck, I might even order a drink.

And this was only Saturday. The options seemed endless — catch some jazz? Drinks with friends? A book? Another morning ride? Yoga?

I knew, come Monday, I would miss my family and want them home. But until then, I was on vacation in Telluride — local style.

Summer Sunday is a weekly column by Jesse James McTigue and sponsored by Jagged Edge intended to deliver tips, news, musings and stories about the people, places, events and experiences that make the Telluride summer an epic adventure.

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