Scott Doser (left) & friend


He is not one to parade and peacock around. He simply gets the job done. And he’s cool. I am talking about Scott Doser.

Scott Doser (left) & friend

Scott Doser (left) & friend

Yes, “Scott from the Library” Doser, who came on the scene when Telluride’s consistently five-star institution was offering only three or four programs per month and served about 5,000 patrons. That was 2009. In 2012, thanks to Scott’s bottomless imagination and tireless efforts, the Wilkinson Public Library offered 47 programs in the month of July alone and served 2,029 patrons.

That’s music to the ears of a town that was not quite sure it needed a 20,000-square-foot facility, when it voted (by two votes) for the expansion 10 years ago.

And while we are on the subject of music, turns out Scott Doser’s talents extend beyond creating programs. Sometimes he is the program.

Turns out Scott Doser is an accomplished percussionist. Over the years, he has played at the library for numerous occasions including the popular Wilkinson Cafe. Recently he took up the sticks to play during Story Time in the children’s area. Last year, he found time to work as a recording engineer on a new album by The Kingston Trio.

Scott’s close friend Scott Cossu is an internationally known composer, pianist and recording artist, who was on the scene when New Age became synonymous with hip about 30 years ago.

Scott Cossu was one of the first Windham Hill artists to sign on with founder Will Ackerman and Alex Degrassi on their new label out of Palo Alto, California. He came on to the label the same day as Michael Hedges and both joined pianist George Winston, also a newbie. In those early days, Scott toured with his label mates as they forged the way for the many artists who would follow in the mellow yellow genre.

Scott C. affectionately describes his music as “Heavy Mental” or “Cosmic National Geographic,” but he was once described as a “jazz luminary of the future” by Billboard magazine. Much of Scott’s work takes a sharp left from New Age and includes a melodic blend of jazz, classical and ethnic influences. One critic compared him to pianist Keith Jarrett of Art Blakey fame. By the 1980s, Scott’s  recordings were at the top of the charts and he played to sold out houses in Germany, England, Japan and Chile.

Today, Scott C. spends much of his time performing live shows in the Northwest, where he lives, or recording in his studio. Like his music, Scott’s other projects are diverse: television, documentaries and nature videos. He has worked with award- winning photographer Art Wolfe, environmental artist Christo, and local Telluride filmmakers, Beth and George Gage.

Scott Cossu is touring again to promote his newest album Jazz, Boogie and Déjá Blues –  which opened the door to a special concert series in the Telluride region.

This week, Scott Doser (on percussion) and Scott Cossu (on piano) are joined by Art Patience on harmonica and Nathan Good, also on percussion. The quartet plans to perform four concerts as follows:

Telluride: Tuesday, August 21, 7 p.m., at Scott Doser’s home in Aldosoro*
Ridgway: Wednesday, August 22, 7 p.m., private home*
Wilkinson Public Library (mini-concert): Jazz on the Terrace, Thursday, August 23, 6p.m.
Hesperus: Friday, August 24, private home*

*To reserve a place or for more information about house concerts, please contact Scott Doser at: / 970-708-7174. (Space is limited.)

When you RSVP, you will be sent directions to the home and parking instructions. Your host will serve beverages and light snacks.

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