The US Pro Cycling challenge blasted through Telluride on Monday, August 20, fast, furious and really fun.We here at EcoAction Partners did our best to help out with our usual compost/recycling and trash efforts.

Three of us (thank you volunteers from our board!) worked the VIP tent and Elks Park while the rest did their best in the Telluride Town Park scene. It is always interesting to see who does and does not “get” the composting message. It was easy to manage the process in the VIP tent: some products recyclable, some compostable and truly, not a lot of real trash. I do wish, however, someone would come up with a compostable or biodegradable zip tie though. Think of all the banners hung each day of the race – a couple of zip ties per banner, used for a few hours, then cut off and discarded….. But so much progress really has been made, especially in the food service realm. Thanks to all those who volunteered and to those furthering the efforts along each stage of the race. It was indeed a blast.

Now let’s move on from garbage to black gold.

The black gold of compost will be needed to get the first growing beds in and functional in the Telluride Schools’ Growing Dome, hopefully by this coming Monday. We need volunteers to help haul bricks, set up the beds, haul and mix soil and more this coming Saturday, August 25, starting around 10:00 a.m. That is before KOTO’s The Ride Festival begins. And what a great thing to do before rewarding yourself by enjoying the great music in Town Park.

Check out the photos to see what we are going to be building. Got ideas for greenhouse growing you want to share? We would love to hear them. Got a nice hanging basket that you are willing to donate? We would love to have some established color and fun in there as well. Tools, especially hand tools or small shovels and rakes would be useful and donations for the greenhouse projects are welcome always.

As the school year commences, the Growing Dome will host teachers and students in a variety of ways.

The new Science Seminar class will start in the dome this Monday. Colin Hubbard, sixth grade teacher extraordinaire, will help coordinate and manage the first trimester of activities in the dome in addition to starting a PEP garden club. The freshman health class will be in there as well. And of course, Michael Goller, the school chef, will be able to use pretty much everything produced in the dome for school lunches.

We are thinking we may host a couple of greenhouse growing classes for teachers, students and the general public in upcoming weeks. Please let us know if you’re interested. It’s going to be an amazing greenhouse and learning lab. And YOU can help bring it together.

For more information about the Telluride School Growing Dome or an update on the Norwood School greenhouse call me, Kris, at 970-708-0289 or email me at

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