In my sailing days I was sometimes asked: “What do you do all day?” My questioner was asking about my time in port; there was an assumption I was “busy” when at sea. But at anchor… I could always make a case for busy-ness that had to do with housekeeping, learning about a new locale, etc.

The same question could be asked about life in Telluride. “What do you do all day?”

Instead of answering directly, let me describe our Saturday. I had some work to do for TIO (Telluride Inside… and Out) so I was at my computer early. By 9 AM we were in the car (Gina the Dog pacing anxiously around in back, probably wondering what this adventure was about) on our way to Lizard Head Pass. Our mission was to get a little exercise, and to find out if there were any mushrooms. We got the exercise, rejoiced again at the beauty around every corner in our little corner of the world, but found no chanterelles and just enough king boletes (boletus edulis) to render our brunch of scrambled eggs an epicurean delight.

After cleaning up our dishes, it was time to work on TIO for a while until three bucks came grazing by¬† the office window, necessitating a short photo session. Then a good friend brought her grandchildren to visit. We spent a pleasant hour with three kids hanging from the chin-up bar, swinging on the yoga swing, punching the small heavy bag, posing for photos on the motorcycle, with helmets on, naturally. When they were dragged reluctantly away, they pronounced ours “the very best garage in the world.”

They were barely on their way when we headed to the Palm Theatre in town to see the final performance of the Mudd Butts’ “Fatima the Spinner.” We enjoyed again the originality, the talent and dedication of the young thespians, the wonderful sets and props, and stayed long enough afterward to see that the auction of the props was going well. Then to Siam for a great dinner, conversations with friends, leaving just enough “juice” to stop by the Elks Club for the dance party thrown by the Women’s Network. A bit more visiting with friends, and it was time to head for home.

Life can be busy in many ways in Telluride. This was just one non-Festival summer Saturday. What do you do all day?

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