Ten years after the formation of an exceptional group, Telluride Medical Center unveils a plaque

Ten years ago, a group of local citizens recognized a need for capital equipment at the Telluride Medical Center and decided to take action. The Telluride Medical Capital Fund was formed and over $1 million was raised.

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of that effort, the Telluride Medical Capital Fund was recently recognized by the Telluride Medical Center.

“The efforts of the Capital Fund committee were a remarkable demonstration of initiative and community support,” said Bill Grun, Telluride Hospital District board president.

The Telluride Medical Captial Fund operated under the auspices of the Telluride Foundation, providing the Telluride Medical Center with the ability to purchase state-of-the-art equipment including an ultrasound, digital x-ray, and CT scanner.

 Along with a complete list of capital fund equipment purchases, the plaque recognizes the efforts made by Capital Fund committee members: Ron Allred; C. Michael Armstrong; Harmon Brown; Davis Fansler; Dr. Richard Houck; Harvey Roisman; Norman Sacker; Tom Schwartz; Terry Stephens; and Steven Wald.

From conception the Telluride Medical Capital Fund was slated to expire as soon as the funding was completed and the Telluride Medical Center was operating profitably.

“Through the hard work and generosity of the community, the Med Center’s Board of Directors and management, and the Fund Committee, we were able to accomplish our goal in only five years,” said Mike Armstrong, a Capital Fund committee member.

The committee hosted an annual gala event called F.E.A.S.T., an acronym for “Funds for Expanding And Supporting Telluride’s Medical Center.”

“We felt the community would respond by invitation to a nice dinner party that raised funds with ticket sales and auction items,” said Armstrong.

The committee was correct: in only five years over $1 million in capital funds was raised through the annual event. 

The last F.E.A.S.T. was held in 2007, only five years after the fund was created. 

Grun said: “

The Capital Fund has had a positive and enduring impact on the Telluride Medical Center, we just wouldn’t be where we are today without the special efforts of the Telluride Medical Capital Fund.”

The plaque is on display at the Telluride Foundation.

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