It’s that time of year again! Put on your safety goggles…scientists with exploding gases and rocket ships are coming to town this summer.  During these incredible events, children learn about atomic reactions, chemistry, physics, and more in hands-on, kid friendly activities with leading PhD scientists. It’s cool science all the time, outside a school setting.

The Pinhead Punk Science series runs from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday, starting July 3 – August 7 in the Telluride High School cafeteria. Only $2 per punk.

Check out all the silly science fun Pinhead has in store for you this summer…

Singing spoons, popping cans, and bubble volcanoes! Dry ice is a chunk of carbon dioxide frozen to 109 degrees below zero. Since it is so cold, it behaves in a very interesting way! We’ll use it to learn about the air you breathe, the soda you drink, and how you might plan your next trip to Mars during Pinhead’s first Punk Science program this summer. We will have a blast with Awesome Astronomer Dr. Christopher Crocket during his presentation “Galactic Glee and Glacial Gas,” Tuesday, July 3.

The following week on Tuesday, July 10, join Cool Chemist Dr. Ron Estler for “Marvelous Molecules of Wacky Water.” Have you ever given thought to that wonderful molecule water that makes life possible? We’ll explore some of those unique properties of this simple yet stunning substance by pretending to be atoms in a water molecule and exploring fascinating questions like: What does it mean to make steam?  What can we do with it?  How about freezing?  What makes water so unusual compared to other things? And what would summer be without a water balloon “fight?”

Join Pinhead for “The Soaring Science of Rip Roaring Rockets” with Projectile Professional Dr. John Straub on Tuesday, July 17, to explore the magic and mystery behind the science of rocketry. Watch how to make a model rocket engine powered by cool chemical reactions!  Explore the physics of rocket flight and be prepared for exciting rocket launches, triggered by members of our audience. Strap on those running shoes to run down and recover our rockets after landing!

The following week things get ooey gooey with our Creepy Crawly Connoisseur Dr. Joe Alaimo during his presentation “Peculiar Parasites and Bodacious Bugs” on Tuesday, July 24.The Doctor of Disgust will wow crowds with an assortment of bugs that help other animals and some that simply bug them! From parasites to commensuals, we’ll see that there are all kinds of creepy things in the world. Sometimes these critters live near us. Sometimes they live in us.

Playing with your food has never been so much fun with Delicious Doctor Dr. Rosemary White! During her presentation “Fun with Food: Crazy Cooking Chemistry” on Tuesday,  July 31, see how sugar sabotages floatability and causes colorful changes in common kitchen items. Watch as milk turns to a plastic-y paste, and power a light bulb with a pickle! See how much science-y fun you can have in your kitchen.

Rounding out our summer on August 7, Pinhead Punk Science favorite, Sticky Scientist Dr. Susan DeSensi, will wow us with her presentation “Silly Slime and Polymers at their Prime.” Get silly with putty and other polymers that will behave in wacky ways before your eyes! Gaze in awe as styrofoam cups are disintegrated by a crazy chemical! Sticky, stringy substances and polymers will prime your chemical curiosities!

Join us for some seriously silly science fun this summer. The Pinhead Institute, sponsors this series in the Telluride High School cafeteria, again it’s 5:00-6:00 p.m. every single Tuesday from July 3 – August 7.

Punk Science is also made possible by a generous grant from the Just For Kids Foundation, CCAASE, and the Telluride Foundation. Generous support also comes from Camel’s Garden.

In addition to Punk Science, the Pinhead Institute, a Smithsonian Affiliate, supports scientific education among regional youth through many programs, such as Scholars in the Schools, the Pinhead Internship Program, the Stargazing Series, our Summer Science Camps, our No School Science Projects, Pinhead Packs, and more. Pinhead is committed to providing the highest quality of science education available to local youth of all ages.

For more information on Punk Science events, or any other Pinhead programs, visit the Pinhead website: “ or call (970) 708-7441.

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