YES! Tweed Interiors “kan” definitely do ikat.

Ikat patterns became hip a few years back, but this trend does not appear to be fading away anytime soon. From ikat pillows, lampshades and wallpaper to dresses, skirts, bags and scarves, ikat is everywhere and here to stay.

For the uninitiated, ikat is the name of one of the oldest dyeing techniques used to pattern textiles. Think of an upscale and more uniformly patterned tie-dye. The difference between the two techniques is that in ikat the dying is done to the threads before the item is constructed, and woven into its pattern. With tie-dye the process is performed on or to the constructed piece. The name “ikat,” which is Indonesian, holds several different but related meanings, among them, to bind, to tie, to knot, or cord, and thread.

Ikat fabrics lend a pop of color, a global vibe, or just a fun accent to any room. They also have the unique quality of fitting in to any environment, traditional or contemporary. ikat moves in and makes itself right at home – and resists type-casting.

Madeline Weinrib, of ABC in NYC, has fabulous ikat fabrics and pillows as well as clothing to “dye” for. Fabric manufacturers such as Schumacher, Kravet and Brunschwig and Fils all carry a large selection of ikats. John Robshaw and Dwell Studio offer ikat bedding and pillows. All available through Tweed.

Next time you are looking for that certain “je ne sais quoi” for your home or even wardrobe, think of going for an ikat print to make your day.

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