Editor’s note: The timing is perfect. A 3-part workshop about achieving goals with civility – an inflated version of  the theme of the carrot, not the stick idea – with Mountainfilm in Telluride just around  the corner. Mountainfilm is known to shine a spotlight on global conflicts and challenges, opening the door to resolution.

When Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library received a grant from the American Library Association and the Fetzer Institute to “build common ground” earlier this year, the library was expected to create three distinct programs around the notions of Community, Compassion, and Civility.

We begin at the end. Starting Friday, May 17, 9:00 a.m,. the Wilkinson Public Library and the Telluride Foundation host a workshop on civility, facilitated by Jeff Goebel of Goebel and Associates.

Jeff is a seasoned veteran in the field of conflict resolution. He has traveled the globe to help solve issues between warring African tribes and opposing forces in Palestine. He’s also worked at a grassroots level in communities around the country. The basic question Jeff  poses is a “do and”: “How can we achieve everything a community wants to accomplish AND do it with civility?  

Jeff leads three workshops that are free AND open to the public.  

Friday morning, May 18,  “How to build trust and a safe working environment, fast!”

Friday afternoon, May 18: “A process for resolving conflict through consensus-building.”

Saturday morning, May 19: “Fostering civility in our world.”

Those interested in attending any workshop must RSVP to Jan Newell at before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 17.

To learn how Jeff came into this line of work, what type of obstacles he has had to overcome, and what to expect from these workshops, just click on my chat with him.

And read what library director Barb Brattin had to say on the subject. (See Related Posts.)

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