The fedora. The hat is one of the calling cards of lovable cads such as Indiana Jones. Michael Jackson also wore a signature fedora, which he used as a prop. Matt Campbell just likes them and all things past. The folk musician will sport a straw fedora when he makes an appearance at the Wilkinson Public Library’s cafe,  Thursday, May 3, 6 p.m.

Originally from Colorado, Campbell spends most of his time in Chicago where he crafts songs about the “new” American West. His lyrics are rich in romantic imagery, detail, and the prospects of a simple life as he explores themes of love, life, and loss.

“I like to think of my songs as a reflection of the formality of life,”  he said.

Campbell’s newest album, “Miles Apart,” is a 5-track EP that poetically weaves together his dynamic voice with a countryish sound. With “Bumblebee’s Blues,” Campbell finishes the album nostalgic for the vistas of the West as he struggles to find his place among the towers of a concrete jungle.

With a background in theater, Campbell is a trained performer who seeks to uncover the universal tropes that appeal to anyone fortunate enough to watch him perform.

“For me, a big component to revealing my music is involving the audience in my words and stories.”

In addition to his penchant for musical storytelling, Campbell is founder of the Chicago Talking Machine Company, where he serves as a producer of film and music.

Matt Campbell’s FREE show at the library marks the beginning of a broader tour that has him performing in Denver, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.

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