Though a lifetime has happened since the great afternoon Susan and I spent with our beautiful, long-legged Granddaughter, I had to take a few minutes out to give a shout-out to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum and Anna Klein, she of the lovely smile and the go-for-it attitude. And I’m not going to tell any of the Anna stories that illustrate that go-for-it attitude. Not THIS time.

During our Spring travels, Susan and I had spent two wonderful weeks in the New York and Hackensack, NJ area, being with her parents, and in the city with New York-Telluride friends (we’ve written about some of those events previously). We had been with Kjerstin and Greg Klein for just over 4 days when we got the call to return to New Jersey for a family emergency, but in the preceding days we had the opportunity to watch Anna and her brother, Dylan, play lacrosse, as well as spending individual time with both of them. It’s a pleasure to watch one’s grandchildren grow up into such interesting people.

On the day this story is about, Kjerstin took Dylan to yet another lacrosse match, Dad Greg was busy with a few projects, and Anna’s request was to spend an afternoon at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. For Telluride readers, the Museum has some of the characteristics of the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride: it’s all about engaging young people (and some not-so-young) with art projects, science projects, and just plain fun. Anna loves it there. Susan and I got to watch as Anna took the time to build an “Amphibious HeliCARpter”, do a block print, make an abstract art piece, then RUN through the Museum to drive wheeled vehicles, go through the tilted room, slide down slides, crawl through mazes, run a ball through a Rube Goldberg-like contraption, dam and release water in an extensive water-play area, all at a full gallop.

Check out the video to see Miss Anna at full throttle:

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