Gold Hill 10 is the official “forgotten run” of Telluride. Granted, it’s almost never open, but the real reason for its “lack of skier traffic” is the lengthy trek required to get there. Of course, this is fine for all those who’ve skied it, because it more often than not has the best snow on the mountain.

Because when it comes down to it, venturing to Gold Hill 10 is more about the journey than the destination (not to sound cliché). Sure, the short, steep run is one of the more extreme and technical ones on the hill, but the ridgeline hike, metal staircase ascent and occasional, somewhat sketchy down climb into the chute are what make it truly memorable.

But, like our English teachers constantly said, “show, don’t tell.” And with that, here is the fourth and final video we made for the Telluride Ski Resort last winter, glorifying a run that most locals have yet to ski. Enjoy and have a great off-season.

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