Same song. Different verse, and this, the last verse of the winter season. Telluride Arts First Thursday Art Walk happens, as its name suggests, the first Thursday of every month in season in the region: winter and summer. The ski lifts close Sunday, April 8. Art Walk ends this year with a bang on April 5.

What’s the fuss all about? Art Walk celebrates the art scene in downtown Telluride. About 12 venues, including galleries and restaurants, stay open from 5 – 8 p.m. to introduce new artists and exhibitions. And great restaurants such as Cosmopolitan, La Cocina de Luz, La Marmotte and the New Sheridan Chop House, feature Art Walk specials, food and drink.

What’s going on where? Go to Telluride Arts’ website for the whole story, including information about Kids’ Art walk,  or pick up a brochure at participating venues, but here’s a snapshot.

The Ah Haa School for the Arts features the work of three locals. The work of painter Corinne Scheman and sculptor Michelle Montague are in the Daniel Tucker Gallery. Scheman’s images  explore the mystery that surrounds the stone grouping known as Stonehenge and the attempt humans make to understand the vastness of the universe and it’s mysteries. Montague explores the human form in ceramic.

The East Gallery hosts Brittany Miller and the show “You Are Here, Continued,” mixed media works that explore matters of the heart and authenticity in life.

Lustre Gallery hosts a trunk show of natural diamond jewelry by Todd Reed. The work, hand-crafted in Colorado using reclaimed 18k gold, palladium and sterling silver, each piece is set with the most unusual diamonds. Organic shapes and a variety of color makes this collection distinctive and wearable.

The Steaming Bean provides a platform for new work by Bradley Chappel:

 “I design and tailor all of my clothing. I’m classically inspired and motivated by funk, soul and jazz. These fabrics have been collected along my travels throughout the west & it all comes together down at the Stronghouse. I’ve been designing and making my own clothes for over 15 years. It all started with an E-Wok suit at the age of 5. Funky, fly, fresh and functional is my objective in this “og” collection.”

Telluride Arts‘ Stronghouse Studios & Local Artist Gallery features “Out of the Closet,” an exhibit of over-the-top couture by local artists and seamsters. Across the street at the associated Gallery 81435, a batik show features the work of Telluride’s local batik dyers:Kathy Green, Chris Newman, Angela Dye, and Cindy Farney. Beautiful handmade scarves and wall hangings.

Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library hosts three small shows: “Time Machine” is a hanging sculptural installation by Flair Robinson; new paintings by Susan McCormick hang upstairs; and in the music section, black-and-white photos by Stronghouse’s Joe Skalsky are featured.


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