Telluride is one of the best ski resorts in the nation, but it’s far from cheap. Though many secure their season’s pass via a resort job or teaching skiing, many take the “affordable” option and get a merchant’s pass – still a bit pricey, but a heck of a lot better than the standard price.

Yet, even with the cost, Telluride deserves some bonus points for giving all their pass holders three free days at Taos.

As a blast-from-the-past resort, Taos has the steeps, the cliffs and all the epic hike-tos that most Telluride die-hards crave. It’s a small, family run resort (one of the few in this day and age), but when the snow is good, it kicks butt.

Having never previously taken advantage of the three-day deal, we weren’t quite sure what to expect with New Mexico skiing. But, now that we thoroughly checked out the scene, Taos gets two NEWB thumbs up. We will definitely cruise down there again.

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