“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality,” John Lennon

The quote from the famous Beatle  sums up what makes the Telluride AIDS Benefit work so well: lots of people dreaming big together. Telluride Gallery of Fine Art director Baerbel Hacke is not known to hold back in general. And when the cause is something she believes in, look out.

Telluride AIDS Benefit muse Robert Presley was a very close friend, whom Baerbel supported as friends do in life. When Robert died in 1997 from complications from HIV/AIDS, the Telluride AIDS Benefit art auction became a tribute to the fabric artist and enfant terrible. The event starts noon at historic Sheridan Opera House. Reception is from 6 – 10 p.m.

Full disclosure: an art auction to raise awareness and funds was actually the brainchild of TAB’s first director, Amy Kimberly.  Baerbel, however, made the event her baby, donating months of time and talent year after year towards putting together a mega sale of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, furniture, fabric art, mixed media works, jewelry and other personal accessories. This year, one of those items is a signed photograph by Bob Gruen of the aforementioned Beatle, John Lennon. There is also swag signed by King George (Clooney) in early September when he was in town for the Telluride Film Festival with “The Descendants.”

Art about AIDS is as varied as its many creators. What the work has is common is the fact it springs from an intensely personal place and becomes a victory for the transformative powers of the imagination to turn tragedy into triumph.

“Once again I am awed by the generosity of our extended community, which never fails to make important and valuable art available at bargain prices,” explained Baerbel. “The auction is a unique opportunity to acquire something wonderful for yourself and your home while helping others in dire need. Remember, TAB help supports five nonprofits who in turn support people young and old forced to deal with the consequences of HIV/AIDS. Let’s maintain our track record: everything in the room must find a home.”

To preview the art work, watch Clint Viebrock’s video:


The following is a list of participating artists:

Balsam-Parasole, Melanie
Bausch, Maure
Burns, Ken
Cannella, Aurelie
Cannella, Joseph
Clooney, George
Craft, Nancy
Curry Wright, Michelle
Daranyi, Barclay
Djupedal, Tore
Eckert, Rosi
Fago, John
Finger, Nicole
Foote, Michelle
Gienapp, Hendrikje
Gold, Lisa Dawn
Green, Kathy
Gruen, Bob
Haas, Judy
Hirsh, Kathy
Hobby, Sue
Hopkins, John
Holman, Scott
Honychurch, Marica
Hoyle, Cameo
Hudson, Jacqueline
Johnson, Caroline
Karo, Jodi
King, Lauren Spencer
Kohin, Judith
Knopp, Marki
Knutson, Tamara
Levek, Amy
MacNamara, Sean
Marcus, Carl
McLain, David
McNair, Julie
Miller, Brittany
Montague, Michelle
Morgan, Kathleen
Nemirov, Meredith
Norris Cook, Kathleen
Preece, Ben
Radenbach, Elke
Radenbach, Werner
Reeve, Luci
Resech, Christine
Robinson, Flair
Rolley, Dean
Runge, Dieter
Sampson, Andrea
Sampson, Cynthia
Samuels, Sharon
Scheman, Corinne
Schilling, Amy
Schultheis, Rob
Stewart, Jeannie
Szymberski, Melissa
The Art Party
Thompson, Will
Vanhille, Goedele
Wahtola Trommer, Rosemerry
Wilcox, Karen
Zalenski, Joan
Zimmermann, Renata

From their collections: Carisa Ames Franck, Scott Chambers, Sue Bennett, David and Mary Beth Kenny,
Baerbel Hacke, Sandy Banks, BONE construction

Special thanks from Baerbel to Ron Gilmer, Brenton Long, Scott Chambers, Michelle Montague, Carisa Ames Franck, Angela Mallard, Suzanne Cheavens, Michelle Curry Wright, Jeannie Stewart,

Telluride Gallery Of Fine Art

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