It’s taken a little while (well, almost a year and a half), but we’ve finally gotten a good grasp on the Telluride local slang. What at first seemed like enigmatic chitchat between two locals on the bus or chairlift, has now become easily understood, coherent statements and phrases that we frequently use on a daily basis.

Let’s cruise a Mak-M to lower LP; I gotta head to the Vill this afternoon, so I’ll meet you at the G in 15; how about we meet at the Buck instead of OBs; these are the statements and questions that make Telluride Telluride. Puzzling to tourists and visitors, but simple for locals and most seasonal inhabitants.

Now, if we can just decipher the ski-patrol slang – e.g.: top of the world, Mars, Pluto – we’ll be all set.

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