Raising Money in thanks for Telluride’s One to One, with Joint Point

When Jenn Riley’s husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she knew needed a distraction for her six year old son. She hunted around for a mentor in Ridgway, where she and her family lived at the time, but struck out. After her husband passed away, Riley and her son moved to Telluride and called Telluride’s One to One, a non-profit organization that matches kids with mentors.

One to One empowers youth by connecting them with adults in the community. According to Annie Johnson of San Miguel Social Services, “Mentoring is one of the most powerful ways to impact a turnaround in a child’s life.” Regular contact with a mentor, even once a week, can help kids to thrive.”

It turned out  One to One was just the right way to start rebuilding a life here for the Rileys. The nonprofit found the right person for the job, establishing a set time the two could meet weekly, ” Said Riley of the relationship:

“My son and I are blessed. He and his mentor ski together, swim, go to movies, go to dinner, and play games and ping-pong. They are building a bond: two hours, once a week, for a year.”

Now Jenn Riley plans to give back in a unique way to the organization that is giving her son so much love. She’s put together a Mardi Gras fundraiser for this Tuesday, February 21, at the Llama. Joint Point, a local mountain jam band will play. They’ll be Mardi Gras beads and pirate coins for everyone. Costumes are encouraged.

“One-to-One and my son’s mentor, have made a difference in our lives, and I am grateful,” says Riley. “I hope everyone will come out and support this deserving organization by celebrating Mardi Gras with our friends from Joint Point.”

Joint Point’s Mardi Gras show starts at 9:30 p.m. Tickets, $7, available at Wizard and at the door.

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