Greg Stump

Greg Stump is an American ski and snowboarding filmmaker.  Before Stump, extreme skiing was known to only a handful of skiers who skied beyond the boundaries of ski areas and within ski area boundaries beyond the groomed runs. Extreme skiing appeared in each of his films but in 1988 “Blizzard of Aahhh’s” considered by many to be the best ski film ever produced, brought Scot Schmidt, Glen Plake, and Mike Hattrup together on terrain that would terrify most skiers. They skied near-vertical chutes and dropped over improbable cliffs, all shot with great cinematic film angles. In his narration and sizzling soundtracks powered by English rock producer Trevor Horn’s music, Stump set a new standard in ski films.

Greg currently works out of his studio, “The Clockworks” near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and has homes in Jackson Hole, Whistler, B.C. and Maui, Hawaii.  Read more

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