Sunday at The Palm features award-winning animation

Academy-Award-nominated French animator Dominque Monfery celebrates the joy of reading in his animated adventure, “Eleanor’s Secret,” (2009).

The story centers around Nat, a young boy who discovers he has inherited a magical library from his beloved but eccentric Aunt Eleanor. Nat has lovely memories of his aunt reading to him, but has yet to learn to read the stories himself.  At first, the boy cannot understand why Eleanor would have ever thought to leave her books to him, With his consent, Mom and Dad decide to sell the library to unscrupulous antiquarian Mr. Pickall so they can afford the house repairs. But when Nat is alone in the room, all the characters from the books – original first editions of classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Tom Thumb, Little Red Riding Hood, and many others – come out of their volumes and start talking and he begins to comprehend what a treasure the library actually is: Unless Nat can read a magic spell, the characters and the books themselves will disappear, leaving the world without stories.

“Charming! Imaginative!”  wrote Variety, The animation appeals to all ages and parents will appreciate the pro-literacy message at the pic’s heart .”

Sunday at The Palm takes place Sunday, February 12, 4 p.m. Running time is 80 minutes. The event is FREE to all.

Sunday at the Palm is presented by The Telluride Film Festival, The Telluride Foundation and Telluride R1 School District.

For a preview, watch the following trailer:

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