It’s the perfect day to pay homage to one of the greatest designers that ever lived. Verner Panton is known to all of us in the design community, certainly at Tweed, as one of the most influential and creative innovators of all time.

Panton, (1926-1998), was a master of the fluid, futuristic style of 1960s design, which introduced the Pop aesthetic of the fine art world to furniture and interiors. Born in Denmark, he made his name there before settling in Switzerland in the 1960s. During Panton’s long and prosperous career, he created edgy, funky, futuristic designs in a variety of materials, especially plastics (sorry “Bag It!” ), while working in vibrant and exotic colors.

Verner Panton is best known for his classically molded plastic “S” Chair, whose ground-breaking form had flexion and lent itself to stacking easily. Though his style was oh so “1960s,”Panton’s work regained popularity at the end of the 20th century.  His best known furniture models are still in production , at Vitra, among other furniture companies.

For Valentines Day this year , I am spotlighting Panton’s Heart Chair, manufactured by Vitra.  A take off on his famous Cone Chair, this unique piece encompasses all that a modern club chair can be: it is upholstered in the finest wool, comes in a vibrant red, and has a secret cone shaped storage spot underneath its velcro-attached seat. And having sat in this wonderful chair many times– I worked at Vitra in NYC –  I can speak firsthand about its cozy comfort.

Panton’s Heart Chair is the perfect pop for any contemporary lounge, conference room, lobby, instantly transforming the environment from “totally serious” to “somewhat playful.”

Happy Valentines Day Mr. Panton. I heart you.

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