Some reviewers describe David Wilcox as a fuller-bodied James Taylor. Others describe him as a musician who carries a certain inner light. However you describe him, what matters most is his music and the way it carries you away.

Wilcox’s music is the kind you want accompanying you on a road trip. His soulful voice, careful lyrics, and driving guitar rhythms are energizing and thought provoking. Songs such as “Better For Me” speak to our desires to build a better America, while songs such as “September 12th” speak to the collective loss we experienced after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

Wilcox thinks of his music as a way to navigate the world. He says “Some musicians travel in order to play music….I play music in order to travel…. Music has always given me a hint of a point of view that is beyond my horizon.” That is, indeed, the feeling we get when we listen to him; this is music we want to listen to as we travel, and the music that inspires us to travel and to learn more about the world.

Wilcox started playing guitar and writing songs after seeing a friend play guitar in the stairwell of his college dorm. Now 17 albums later, Wilcox has brought joy to thousands of fans worldwide. His songs, though, are only one piece of his musical prowess; Wilcox’s live performances, with his unique storytelling and crisp acoustic guitar playing, keep audiences spellbound.

Says Wilcox of his journey, ““Music still stretches out before me like the head-lights of a car into the night.  It’s way beyond where I am, but it shows where I’m going.  I used to think that my goal was to catch up, but now I’m grateful that the music is always going to be way out in front to inspire me.”

You can check out David Wilcox live at the Sheridan Opera House at 8PM, Wednesday, February 22. Doors open at 7:30. Tickets are available online and at the door.

Hear a sample of Wilcox’s awesome style on “Eye of the Hurricane”:

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