Rock and rollers in Telluride are about to be drenched in a fiery, double dose of fierce, guitar-driven, sweat-fest madness. The Reverend Horton Heat is from the hottest, driest state in the nation, Texas. Opening act The Supersuckers are from the second-hottest, driest state in the union – Arid-zona. Both bands rock like they’re thirsty. They are cranking it up Thursday, January 19 at 8 p.m. at the Sheridan Opera House.

A good friend of mine likens Rev. Horton Heat music to riding a wooden rollercoaster, catching air on a scary turn and landing in the tracks. What’s great about the Reverend’s music is that it is all original. He – like many musicians – spent a lot of time in cover bands, learning the craft and honing his chops. But the authenticity wasn’t there. Writing and performing his own songs was an important goal for Heath. It can still raise an eyebrow for Heat to hear that he’d be great if he did “Free Bird” … or some such. He feels like folks are missing the point of why musicians do what they do. Create. Reinvent. Breathe new life into tried and true forms.

To be sanctified by the Reverend and his top-notch trio is to experience a feral blend of hopped-up country, rockabilly overdrive and late-night AM radio ballads – often with a curl of the lip and a devilish gleam in his eye. Heat’s got nothin’ but attitude. This kind of demon-releasing, psychobilly mojo puts hot yoga to shame. You need it.

Supersuckers get the night stoked

The Supersuckers are not shy about claiming world dominance. It’s a statement as brash and maniacal as it is attractive and magnetic. I mean, really?!? The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band? I thought there was this other band … no matter. The Supersucker’s lead singer and bass player, Eddie Spaghetti, is as brash and maniacal a bona fide rock star as they come. He and his long-time band buddies, “Metal” Marty Chandler and Dan “Thunder” Bolton on guitars, have been cranking out their high energy rock and rolled road tunes for many miles, playing with the likes of cats like Willie Nelson, whose Farm Aid work the Supersuckers have long supported.
This is a double bill with high octane. The Sheridan Opera House will positively throb with the heat we generate.

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