As I watched the Golden Globes presentations last night, I was struck by how well the films did that were on the program of last Fall’s Telluride Film Festival. We have seen this over the years: feature films, documentaries, foreign films, but this year’s Golden Globes highlighted Telluride Film Festival (and TIO) favorites across the board.

We at Telluride Inside… and Out were not surprised to see Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants” take Best Picture – Drama, nor to watch George Clooney walk away with Best Actor in that category: we not only were in the audience for the premier showing, but enjoyed the Q & A session afterward.

It was difficult to know who to root for when two favorites from TFF went head to head in the Best Foreign Language Film category: In the end, ” The Kid With the Bike” lost out to the beautifully done Iranian effort, “A Separation” and we could only be happy we had seen them both in Telluride.

No surprise to Telluride Film Festival attendees, the Best Actor and Best Picture awards in the Musical or Comedy division went to Jean Dujardin and his vehicle, “The Artist”.


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