A citizen asked me the other day what was the number one thing she could do to improve her security. I told her simply to make sure that her doors are locked when she is home. I would rather have her leave the doors unlocked or even wide open when she is gone than when she is at home. The only murder by a stranger that has occurred in the Telluride in area in 35 years could have been prevented by a locked door. No one should ever look up and find a stranger standing in their kitchen or bedroom.

I know my job and Jill’s are a bit high profile and sometimes our “clients” show up at our front door drunk, upset or bleeding (or all three) but after a few of them just walked right into our house I installed on the front door one of those simple touch number key pad locks. Now I know that if the door is closed it is locked, we don’t wonder about it in the middle of the night or any other time, we can’t lock ourselves out, we can’t lose the keys and there is no more fumbling around at the front door trying to get in.

If we are out of town and someone needs to get into the house I can just tell them the code. The code can be changed when I feel the need or I can have one code for the family and another for workmen or others that need access. The locks are available in both industrial and designer styles at the hardware store in town and/or your alarm company or locksmith can order and install them for you. I recommend a electronic lock powered by a battery (mine has been working for over 3 years) because it lights up in the dark making it easier to enter the code.

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