A common question we interior designers are asked all the time is this: “ Where do you get your inspiration?” Answers will be as varied as the places we come from (literal and metaphorical), so I speak just for TWEED when I say one of the best ways to find new and inspiring ideas is from travel.

I recently traveled to LA with a group of creative women from Telluride and we found as much inspiration outside design centers as we did inside them, maybe even more. From the amazingly creative and healthy menus at the restaurants we patronized to the fashions on the street, the retro bikes, the unique boutiques, we all took away some inspiration.

Just getting outside our little box canyon once in a while can spur new ideas, thoughts, even eating patterns. If you can’t get to LA, even a short trip to nearby antique stores could trigger a light bulb moment. Or just surf your couch and read through a magazine you’ve never picked up before. Even a new glossy can provide a fresh perspective.

And a fresh perspective is as important in life as in design to keep things interesting.

Note: Sunny California sunset taken with the Hipstamatic app

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