What Telluride’s Noel Night is Really About

What Telluride’s Noel Night is Really About

When we think of Telluride’s Noel Night, we often think shopping. We think of deals and discounts and raffles. But to say Noel Night is about shopping is like describing Telluride as just a ski town.

Telluride’s Noel Night falls during the bitterly cold and short days of early December. This is the time of year when darkness locks us into our homes.

On Noel Night, however, we venture out. We see friends we haven’t seen in a while and pause for a glass of wine. We buy a few things. We walk amongst the lights and feel light ourselves. Then we listen to the 525’s at the Buck and dance with friends.

Our children ride with Santa in a fire engine. They buy each other gifts. They eat cookies and cake and candy.

We feel grateful that we live in small town, and that all of this is safe and possible.

Noel Night is about shopping. But to dismiss it is as just consumerism would be wrong. We pick out gifts for our angel basket families, and we remember this is the time of year for feeling grateful. For this town. For all that we are given. For our families. And for the darkness and the cold of early December. Without the darkness, we can often forget to savor the light.

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