You have to believe in miracles. I do.

You have to know war is hell. We all do. Or those to young to know learned quickly.

Steven Spielberg can afford the best and he has taste, so the performances and production values were Grade A. I will let those who get paid the big bucks to write windy reviews expound.

Suffice to say as the film evolves, Joey, the War Horse comes to mirror the human condition, reflecting the best, the worst, and the rest who get lost between the cracks. That Joey endures to live and to love is a reminder that hope as a source of credit remains Triple A-rated. And there is an All Caps urgency to that message.

The sneak peek at the majestic “War Horse” came as an early Christmas present to locals and guests in the Telluride region, thanks to the generosity of Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy and to the efforts of Jennie Franks of the Telluride Playwrights Festival, and the Michael D. Palm Theatre.

We thank them all.

And I will not send a bill for the box of Kleenex.

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