It’s all about the ladies this coming week at Between the Covers Bookstore and High Alpine Coffee Bar. Line ‘em up like beautiful literary cocktails and sip, one at a time … Starting Wednesday, three authors grace our space this week: Jill Burchmore, Erzsebet Gilbert, and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.

At 5p.m. on Wednesday, December 28, local author and wellness instructor Jill Burchmore reads from and sign copies of “Groovin’ in the Canyon.” An inspirational story about a wife, mother, daughter and friend who experiences a profound life changing experience after floating the Grand Canyon with her family, Jill learns that life without control is possible and liberating when she places all her trust in her guide who she hasn’t seen for 24 years. Ride the rapids with this group of 29 e as they embark on a 7-day journey into the greatest depths of our world. “Groovin’ in the Canyon” will raise you up to a higher plateau and leave you contemplating life’s priorities. Jill is originally from Aspen, but has lived in Telluride since 1997. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness coach and Passion Test Facilitator. She enjoys running, cycling, hiking, yoga, reading, and spending time with her family. “Groovin’ in the Canyon” is her first book.

At 6:30pm on Thursday, December 29, Colorado native Erzsebet Gilbert presents her functionally whimsical book “Logodaedaly, or Sleight-of-Words” from Wolverine Publishing in Fort Collins. You’ll learn lots from this adorable and reasonably priced little hardcover. After all, what is a balanoid? Who carries an ombrifuge into a storm? How is a filipendulous city destroyed? These and other fabulous questions are found in this dictionary of the imagination. Within its pages, Erzsébet has delved into the history of the English language to unearth a host of forgotten, quirky, obsolete and utterly bizarre words, and created a phrasebook like no other. It is a dictionary whose entries are not merely words, but the fantastical stories and wild musings behind them, a dictionary of two-headed serpents and royal assassins, warrior birds and people on the moon, specters and true love. As vividly antiquated as it is experimental, the ornately designed book features the original images—from dragons to hummingbirds—of artist Sherise Talbott, illuminations whose intricacy and style might have emerged from the museums of centuries ago. Barry Lopez blurbed it thus:

“Gilbert’s Logodædaly is a feat of writerly derring-do, a Borgesian excursion, one both gleeful and droll. She is a skilled fabulist, an astute lover of the more recondite quarters of the English language, and the reader’s charming and witty companion-guide across this erudite terrain.”

At 5pm on Friday, December 30, local poet and former San Miguel County Poet Laureate Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer reads from and discusses her latest book “The Miracle Already Happening: Everyday Life with Rumi” from Liquid Light Press. It’s Apres Ski with Rosemerry and Rumi! Imagine what would happen if a Sufi mystic showed up in your kitchen? Or at your son’s elementary school choir concert? Or in your garden? In this playful chapbook, Rosemerry has poetic conversations with Rumi through his translations by Daniel Ladinsky and Coleman Barks and through her imagination. Whimsical and humble, these are poems of discovery, praise, and unlearning, invitations to find holiness in every moment, every place. Even Walmart. Peter Heller, author of “Kook and The Whale Warriors,” calls this book “… a rare treat: a rigorous conversation with the past made fresh by vulnerability, playfulness, humor and knockout surprise. There is so much integrity here, and discipline, and grace. And restraint, and cutting loose all at once. All this in poems that can be surrounded by a great quietness. The sensation can be like listening for birdsong, and having the bird silently and suddenly land on your shoulder. If you don’t fall over, you will shout or laugh.”

So, when wandering Main after skiing or before dinner, pop in on either or all nights to hear the latest from voices of the Western Slope. It might just enhance your life, your vocabulary, and your relationship with Rumi. Zest of lime optional.

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