Technology has changed the way humans perceive and communicate with the world, but it’s also possible — at the most basic level — it has altered the way we think…


“That patch is your iPad?”
“Yeah, I got it for Christmas.”
“What happened?”
“I impaled myself with a blunt pair of scissors.”
“That hadda hurt.”
“Not so much, since the swelling’s gone down.”
“No, I mean confusing a pad for your eye with an iPad.”
“Say again?”
“Your parents got you an eye patch, not an iPad.”
“You’re just mad ‘cause you didn’t get one.”
“I want a tablet, not a pirate accessory.”
“What’s the difference?”
“You think like a toddler.”
“I’m almost three, same as you.”
“Didn’t you see the commercial?”
“They must have put me down for a nap.”
“Well, an iPad watches movies, listens to music, contacts friends, and reads books.”
“What’s reads books?”
“I’m not sure, but the commercial said iPad will teach us.”
“Then I still want one.”
“So do I.”
“What if we start crying?”
“They’ll just change our butt pads.”

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