Telluride local Bob Rubadeau is at it again. Well, not Rubadeau exactly. His on-page persona Wit Thorpe, up to his old tricks with a colorful assortment of victims dropping like stale jokes as the haunted private eye faces yet another classic who-dun-it caper exploding onto the privileged streets of Telluride. Rubadeau’s latest mystery relocates to town Dashiell Hammett’s world full of molls and jakes, gunsels, frails and rough coppers turning it inside out and adding a ton of  juicy calories. Presto chango: “The Thin Man” becomes “The Fat Man.”

On Thursday, December 15, 6 p.m., the Wilkinson Public Library hosts a pre-publication event for the 2012 book launch. The event features a project, a reading, book-signing and a Q & A for those interested in moving their finished book ideas to market.

On Saturday, December 17, 5 – 7 p.m., Rubadeau is on hand at Between the Covers Book Store for a wine reception and book-signing.


Join the author apres ski at The Peaks on Thursday, December 21, for another book-signing and discussion of murder most foul.

“’The Fat Man’ is refreshing, colorful, edgy, racy, and fun. The jokes fly, the intrigue increases and Wit pursues his case and his craft with his own bumbling, spirited determination. This work is a welcomed addition to what we hope becomes a long-running series,” Mark Stevens, author The Allison Coil Mystery series.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to clues Rubadeau is prepared to share.

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