Telluride Inside…. and Out is pleased to introduce TWEED – partners Victoria Crawford and Robyn Shaw – to our list of columnists.

Starting this week and then every second Tuesday, look for Tweed’s “Decor 8750.” The blog focuses on what’s hot and happening in the world of interior design. First trend the ladies chose to highlight: antlers. Yes, antlers. Turns out these large, bony appendages have, well, branched out beyond the walls of hunting lodges.

Tweed. The name tells the backstory. Turns out fabrics got woven into the tapestry of Victoria’s life at a young age. Mom, a designer of children’s clothes, dragged her daughter to Montreal fabric warehouses in search of just the right materials for her line. Tweed?

“It’s fun to say, plus tweeds can be serious (as in grey) or not so serious (like pink) and that mix of serious and fun reflects the design philosophy of our business,” explains Victoria.

Tweed is a full-service interior design studio and related boutique. The aesthetic driving the base business is a mix of vintage and modern, fun and funky, achieved by incorporating a diverse palettes of art, texture, color (lots of it) and light. The idea is to stay one step ahead of the latest trends in the field, quite a challenge at 8750 feet (hence “Decor 8750) and seven hours away from Denver, the nearest cosmopolitan center for browsing and shopping. Tweed Boutique, 151 S. Pine Street, features popular  names in home decor: Jonathan Adler, John Robshaw, Dwell and Jamie Young, brands Victoria and Robyn have worked with for years and want to share with locals and visitors alike. These two one-of-a-kind women also feature one-of-a-kind finds, artwork and cards, plus antiques.

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